Ends on May 17, 2019

Artist Fellowship Award

The Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture (MOAC) is excited to announce the second round of the City of Boston’s Artist Fellowship Award. The Artist Fellowship Award invests in the advancement of mid-career artists living in Boston. This direct, unrestricted award aims to recognize exceptional original artistic work throughout the city, with the goal of helping recipients advance their careers and continue their work in Boston with success.

The Award

The City of Boston will offer five fellowship awards, each worth $10,000 in 2019. Awards will be distributed across artistic disciplines, and the number of awards per discipline will vary according to the applications received and the recommendations of the review panel. Awards will be distributed throughout Boston to artists from a diverse range of backgrounds who live and work in different neighborhoods throughout the city.

This year, the Artist Fellowship is geared toward artists who are mid-career or emerging artists who are experienced enough that further support at this moment could help push their career more into a "mid-career" phase. Ideal candidates have had time to prove their commitment to their artistic career through three years or more of showing and selling their artistic work in Boston, but continue to have room to grow in Boston's artistic ecosystem. While the Artist Fellowship is open to applications from all Boston-based artists, ideal candidates do not consider themselves emerging, established, or nearly established artists in Boston.  

Not sure about your career phase? 

Please click the link below to read a description of the three phases of an artist's career (Emerging, Mid-Career, and Established) to help inform which phase you are currently in:



  • To commend the work of extraordinary artists living in Boston and invest in their future success
  • To allow Boston-based artists the resources necessary to dedicate their time to creating high-quality work
  • To provide professional growth and career development opportunities to Boston-based artists; and
  • To elevate local artists within our city.

Who May Apply

Individual artists who work professionally in art disciplines, including but not limited to dance, music, theater, visual arts, poetry/fiction writing, interdisciplinary/performance art, and media arts may apply. Applicants must be City of Boston residents and able to provide accurate documentation upon request. Applications submitted on behalf of an artist are welcome. Awardees must maintain their residency through the 12 months following when they receive the fellowship. 


  • Must live in Boston, and must plan to remain a City of Boston resident for 12 months after receiving the Artist Fellowship Award if awarded 
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Applicants must consider themselves mid-career artists
  • Cannot be enrolled in an undergraduate degree program when applying for the Artist Fellowship Award and during the 12 months after receiving the Artist Fellowship Award
  • Applicants must have lived in Boston for three years before applying 
  • Previous recipients of the Artist Fellowship Award are not eligible to apply
  • Recipients of the City of Boston's third year of Boston AIR (Boston Artists-in-Residence) are not eligible to apply. Past Boston AIR recipients are welcome to apply

Allowable Expenses & Award Requirements

This is an unrestricted award that can be used for expenses at the discretion of the recipient, with the intention of providing recipients with the support they need to be able to continue their high-quality artistic practices. 

Artist Fellows will be required to keep MOAC aware of any exhibitions/screenings/performance/panels etc. of their work and career milestones through the year so that MOAC can share these opportunities for the public to become familiar with the work of the Artist Fellows. Awardees will also be required to work with the Mayor's Office of Arts and Culture on one public presentation of their work during their year of fellowship.

To receive this award, awardees will be required to create a Vendor ID with the City of Boston.

Timeline and Review Process

Applications for the Artist Fellowship Award will open on April 16 at close at 5PM on Thursday May 16. No late applications will be accepted for any reason. Once received, applications will be initially reviewed for eligibility and completeness. If eligible and complete, they will then be evaluated by a panel of jurors and scored against an evaluation rubric. Scores are then tallied and averaged. The jury will review and discuss finalist applications to approve recipients of the award. Awardees will be notified of Artist Fellowship Award decisions over the summer of 2019 and selected applicants will receive the award thereafter. Recipients will be recognized as Boston Artist Fellows for a year after receiving the award and their work will be highlighted in the web presence of MOAC. 

Evaluation Criteria

  • Do examples of the applicant's artistic work and information provided by the applicant convey rigor in their artistic practice?
  • Does the artist’s work stands out within their artistic discipline in the City of Boston?
  • Does the artist’s past work, commitment to their artistic career, and the progress of their artistic career show promise and potential for them to go further in their creative practice?
  • Are you are overjoyed by the thought of awarding this artist one of this year's five, $10,000 Artist Fellowship Awards?


The Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, ancestry, or disability, nor will it fund projects that discriminate on these attributes.