As one of the United States’ oldest cities, Boston has been at the forefront of many of the conversations that have shaped the country. Boston is famous for spearheading the rebellion against Britain, leading abolitionist efforts, and in recent years fiercely advocating for immigrant rights. It has also maintained de facto and de jure racism from beginning with its storied role in European conquest and colonialism, through acting as an economic engine for slavery, and in recent generations, through supporting segregation in housing and education. This complex cultural legacy of revolution and erasure remains largely misunderstood as divergent and opposing narratives. Today, over half of the city’s residents are people of color. The city’s changing demographics present an opportunity to better understand our diverse, and often untold, historical and cultural inheritance, as well as our potential to live up to our democratic ideals. 

The Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture (MOAC) is committed to the arts, however, we are also charged with representing and advancing culture in all of its forms. In addition to this RFI, we are seeking a thought partner to help us craft and implement a strategy that centers a multitude of cultures present in our communities and prioritizes funding artists, art organizations, and art forms that have historically had difficulty accessing funding through traditional channels.

This RFI’s purpose is to enable us to create a public roster of entities that do cultural equity work that we can publish on our website for people seeking these services. 

What We Are Seeking

In order to create a publicly available roster of qualified individuals and firms who focus on racial equity at the intersections of our program areas, MOAC is seeking individuals and firms who operate at the intersection of equity and arts and culture to:

  1. Inform the City’s ongoing consulting needs
  2. Serve as a resource for the arts and culture sector in Boston, and 
  3. Integrate creative and holistic approaches into ongoing equity and cultural competency trainings and work. 

For this RFI, MOAC is seeking information from individuals and firms with expertise in leading equity transformation and experience in the following areas of practice:

  • Arts and Culture Grantmaking and Program Design
  • Arts and Cultural Policy
  • Arts and Cultural Data Collection, Analysis, and Visualization
  • Creative Community Engagement
  • Creative Placemaking
  • Cultural Competency
  • Cultural Planning
  • Participatory Action Research
  • Socially Engaged, Social Practice, and Civic Practice Art
  • Technical Assistance and Professional Development for Artists and Cultural Workers/Practitioners 

We are also seeking information from individuals and firms with professional expertise in:

  • Trainings on any of the topics outlined above
  • Project evaluation on any of the topics outlined above
  • Facilitation on any of the topics outlined above
  • Case study research and development on any of the topics outlined above

What We Will Provide

This document is a Request for Information only. This RFI does not guarantee an award of contract. This is a solicitation for the advertisement of services. As we endeavor to support the advancement racial equity we want to know who works in this field and be able to provide a list that can be shared publicly between organizations that seek this kind of assistance from qualified service providers. This process may serve as the source for the creation of that curated list. 

MOAC will not be liable for any costs or expenses incurred by any Respondent in connection with this RFI. The costs and expenses incurred by a Respondent in the preparation, submission, and presentation of the response are the responsibility of the respondent and not chargeable to MOAC. Only respondents to this RFI will be included in the resultant directory. 

How to Reply

Please note All written responses to this RFI, or other written materials or presentations submitted in response with this RFI, or written questions regarding this RFI including return email addresses if questions or RFI responses are delivered via email, will become public records under the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Public Records Law (Massachusetts General Laws chapter 66 section 10; the “Public Records Law”) upon submission, regardless of any confidentiality notices that may be set forth on such written responses, materials, presentations, or questions. All such responses, materials, presentations, and questions are subject to public disclosure unless they, or any portions thereof, are otherwise exempted from the requirements of the Public Records Law pursuant to General Laws Chapter 4, Section 7(26). Do not submit confidential information in your response. Interested parties are invited to respond to this Request for Information (RFI).

We may request a follow-up interview or demonstration once we’ve reviewed the responses.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.