Are you interested in creating public art in Boston?

The Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture and the Boston Art Commission believe that public art is any artwork installed in publicly accessible spaces where they can be experienced by everyone for free.

This application is for you to share your proposals for new public art, from murals to sculptures, to light installations, and more! The application is for all phases of community and artist initiated projects and will guide you through the materials and information needed for each one. If you are an artist interested in doing public art or looking for support, please check out our website to see calls to artists and other opportunities!

All public art projects on City of Boston property must be reviewed and approved at a public meeting of the Boston Art Commission. These meetings are accessible for anyone wishing to attend and are generally held on a monthly basis. Please visit our website to learn more about our meetings.

The Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture has a dedicated Public Art Team that manages all daily operations and duties related to public art projects sited on or proposed for City of Boston property. This team facilitates the Boston Art Commission’s monthly public meetings, and manages all phases of Boston's public art projects in collaboration with the Boston Art Commission, community members, and colleagues at the City of Boston.

Once you submit, the public art team will be in touch but you can reach out to us with questions at anytime! please email us at

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.